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Zaderk is a computer expert fond of Bible prophecies. One fine day in September he’s in Rome working on a new computer network for a company located in the south part of town. He goes out for lunch with his clients and then, after finishing his work, finds himself alone in his car thinking about his friend and former colleague Simon who now lives in the States….
Everything mentioned in this book is somehow linked by the prophecies of the Bible. Prophecies represent 30% of the Bible itself and are the means God uses to predict our future. The number of prophecies regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ is eight times more than that regarding the first coming of Jesus.
This novel compares the prophecies that are still to become true with the world’s current situation, i.e. world religion, satellites, world finance, single currency, globalisation, world police, population control, EU, ethnic wars, Israel and the middle east. All these things are necessary for the making of the world government at the “end of time”, as mentioned in the Bible.

is a novel ................. is a Bible study about prophecy a novel ................. is a Bible study about prophecy ..................
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Italian Version of the Book

When You read this Book You'll come to know:

What has been the impact of the attack to the Twin Towers in Italy

The difference between Italian Terrorism of the Red Brigades and Islamic Terrorism

What is happening in Europe to create "the regime" that will produce the Government of the Antichrist


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Nations conflict as seen in the Bible

When You 
read this Book You'll come to know:

You'll understand that in life there is a real and true meaning. God in the Bible Testifies of Himself through Prophecy

Prophecies of the Old Testament realized, the sequence of the World Governments from Babylon to the new Roman Empire at the end of times

Prophecies of the Old and New Testament yet to come, and what must happen to see them realized...... 

........ and much more



I 4 Cavalieri che rappresentano i primi 4 giudizi di Dio sulla Terra e l'inizio della TribolazioneImage copyright of Pat Marvenko 

Giulio Credazzi was born in Rome in 1959, is an Evangelical  Christian member of the Evangelical Independent Church of Via Britannia in Rome. The Pastor is Bill Standridge. The content of the book has been reviewed deeply by many members of the local church before was published in Italian by Centro Biblico. The book has been printed at the expenses of the writer in 4000 copies, 1.000 copies were sold through the Internet, other 1.700 through bookstores or local churches, about 700 were distributed for free to spread the Gospel.

The translation in English has been paid by the writer, and decided, after that many obstacles were encountered to distribute the Book in Italy, many bookstores refused the book because of literal interpretation of the Bible and presumably in contrast with the orientation of the Vatican. Even though some priest appreciate it (specially Salesians) other and few nuns said that this is a work of Satan, Geova Witnesses said that this work is hateful. 
The Writer noted that many customers protested with the owner of the bookstore about the presence of "such" type of book, therefore the book has been sent back to the Editor or put in a hidden place. 
Once a very "faithful" Catholic woman, director of a bookstore after reading the message of the writing started insulting the author that was proposing the novel. Almost the same happened in a very famous bookstore "Feltrinelli" (a very left-winged Editor) but for opposite reasons. 

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