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Zaderk is a computer expert fond of Bible prophecies. One fine day in September heís in Rome working on a new computer network for a company located in the south part of town. He goes out for lunch with his clients and then, after finishing his work, finds himself alone in his car thinking about his friend and former colleague Simon who now lives in the States ad works in an Bank in the Twin Towers, is the 9/11/2001 a day that changed human history......Ö.

Iím an Italian writer,  I use to work in a Bank in London and for some reasons I decided not to move to New York, where a colleague of mine instead should move on June 2001, in fact he should go in an office in the Twin Towers of a Swiss bank.
This stroke me very much, so I decided to write a novel transferring my feelings about the 9/11 attack, of course I wrote it and published it in Italian, but after I found the way to get it translated in English.

Donít worry I didnít translated it myself.

Now after 10 years I decided to let those that may be interested in discovering what feelings we had on the other side of the Ocean to let them to download and share my book for free, just to share something that hit all the people in the world, and in particular my heart.
For sure every one of us remembers, as it was yesterday, what was doing, where he was, on September 11th 2001.

Note this book is half a Novel and half  is a Treaty about Bible Prophecy, if you are interested in just the Novel you should read chapters alternated, because the Novel is the first, the third, the fifth chapter and so on.

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